A faster, more granular way to measure supply chain emissions

Streamlined supply chain emissions analysis to help companies reduce Scope 3 emissions, advance decarbonization efforts, and reach net-zero targets

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Detailed insights at each level of the supply chain
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GHG-Protocol compliant

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How Klerra works

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Calculate your measurement with speed and ease.
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Identify key emission hotspots across suppliers and industries.
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Reduce emissions by exploring a portfolio of decarbonization options.

Measure your carbon footprint in minutes

Our advanced hybrid emissions calculation method combines updated EEIO models with geographic and supplier-specific data across various sectors, enhancing accuracy.


Leverage deep supply chain insights to drive long-term reductions

Utilize supplier and sector-specific insights beyond Tier 3 to create a long-term decarbonization strategy that enables informed target setting and precise reporting.

Stay Relevant, Compliant, and Competitive

Consumers and investors increasingly favor brands with a positive climate impact. Stay ahead by being transparent about key issues and actively making a positive impact.

I have always been concerned about our environmental impact, but I never had a good idea about where to begin. Klerra provided a straightforward description about both where our emissions came from and what steps we could take. I can easily imagine a future where this type of data is vital to all industries."
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Jonathan Rudner
Ampro Industries, Inc
Case Study
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The level of detail that Klerra provides into our supply chain emissions is astounding. It's empowered us to make informed, impactful decisions towards our environmental goals.”
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Jeff Schumacher
NAX Group
Case Study
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